A History of Athletics at Waynetown High School

A History of Athletics at Waynetown High School

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wayne Township School Buildings

Waynetown HS 1900

Waynetown High School Building 1897-1913

Waynetown High School Building 1913

One of Waynetown's early schools

Another view of the early school

Waynetown HS 1922

Waynetown HS 1923

Waynetown HS in 1971

Classes and classrooms in the 20's

Elementary class

Cooking class

Science class

High School

Waynetown schools in the HS Assembly

Early street scenes

The revenuers raided the Waynetown moonshine stills in 1923

Farmer's Bank

Wayne Hotel

Corner Grocery Store

Corner Drug Store

Washington Street west of Vine

Basketball team 1909

Basketball team 1914-15

Basketball team 1915-16

Basketball second team 1921-22 and interclass champs